Cookbook Specialists

Welcome to Cookbook Specialists. We are continuing the tradition of excellence with over 100 years and 10 million books worth of experience in creating custom cookbooks. We are dedicated to helping you create a high quality keepsake cookbook that will be treasured for generations. Cookbooks are a great way to celebrate family traditions, preserve memories and history. Churches, schools, communities, groups and businesses create cookbooks for highly successful fundraising projects. A variety of people from chefs, nutritionists, food bloggers and restaurant owners create cookbooks to generate additional profits. Whatever your reason, we are here to help make your project easy and successful.

Our production facility is located in the beautiful river community of Independence, Iowa. We truly enjoy what we do and are here to help. You can easily reach us, just call during business hours, email, request a visit through Skype or schedule a visit at our office. Let this be the year your cookbook is published!

Visit our website and start your cookbook project today!