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Keepsake Cookbooks – Low quantity order option.

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Keepsake Cookbooks

Low quantity orders perfect for small families or close circle of friends.

Create a keepsake gift filled with  memories and the instructions to recreate favorite dishes the memories are attached to. For small families and friend groups we have created the Keepsake Cookbook collection, available for a limited time. Order as few as 12 books and include up to 90 recipes. Enjoy the benefits of free typing and formatting of recipes, plus professional quality cover and dividers.

Create Your Keepsake Cookbook

Collect your recipes and sort into categories. 

You have up to 8 dividers. Our suggested list is:

  • Appetizers, Beverages & Dips
  • Soups & Salads
  • Breads & Rolls
  • Vegetables & Side Dishes
  • Main Dishes & Meats
  • Desserts
  • Cookies & Candies
  • Miscellaneous

Use the suggested list or change the divider names.  Also, you do not have to include all 8. Many family cookbooks only have 6 or 7 dividers.

Recipe Submission Options

Mailed Paper Submission – Mail copies of your recipes to Cookbook Specialists along with the order form. (Mailed recipes are not returned.)  Keep each category separated by clips or in individual envelopes. Number recipes in the upper right hand corner, in the order they appear in your book. 

Emailed or Mailed Electronic Submission– Speak with one of our Customer Service representatives on options for emailing either a file or photos of your recipes. We also accept mailed flash drives.

Note – Handwritten recipes are fine. We ask that you take a moment to hand print names, since signatures are hard to read. Recipes are typed in Cookbook Specialists standard format using suggested abbreviations in a non-continued recipe format.

Design selections to choose from:

Recipe Design

Select from two different recipe designs and either standard font size (10 point) or large print (12 point). For books with large print there is a limit of 60 recipes. Books have a 100 page limit. We recommend avoiding long stories added to the recipes. Books over 100 pages will need to cut recipes or be charged for extra pages. 

Recipe Design A

Recipe Design B


Select from one of our 5 popular pre-designed covers. The Family Favorites Designer Frame has a space to allow you to include a photo in either portrait or landscape. Email photos or mail a copy with the recipes.  Covers are printed on cardstock and the outsides are coated making it easy to wipe them off and protect them from sticky fingers and spills.


Choose one of the 3 pre-designed divider designs and from our list of standard bond paper colors.


Binding is spiral PlastiKoil. A durable binding that allows books to lay flat on a counter. Similar to a spiral notebook, books can be folded over.  


Included is a FREE title page, publication number, table of contents and an alphabetical index by category. You also have 5 free personal pages starting on the back of the table of contents. Use personal pages to include a message about why you created the book, a dedication, memorial, brief history, favorite cooking tips, or we can provide lined notes pages.

We provide you a free PDF  of your book to review and proofread. Books take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to complete from start to finish.


Is based on current carrier rates and is in addition to the book price.


Contact us for a reorder quote at any time after you receive your books. Pricing is based on current pricing and book format. 


Our customer service people are happy to answer any questions you have. Call or email. 1-800-383-1679 or

Download a PDF copy of our Keepsake Cookbook Order form HERE

Click HERE to download an interactive recipe form or click HERE
to download a printable version.