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Recipe Page Options...

...for professional looking cookbook pages.

Recipes will be printed on white paper and, if necessary, will continue from the bottom of the page onto the next page. All six recipe designs are available for both continued and non-continued recipes.

Non-Continued Recipes

Non-continued recipes will not continue onto the next page. This option makes recipes easy to follow and adds more pages to your book! The empty space on your pages can be filled with our standard quips and quotes for FREE!

Large Print

Print your cookbook in a 12 point font size to increase readability. A larger font size will increase the thickness of your book and is a nice courtesy for your elderly customers!


Cream paper

Choose cream paper to give your book a classy, high-quality appearance.

Recipe Design 1

Value-added sections

Add more value, pages and bulk to your book by adding extra sections. These pages are full of special and interesting information. Choose from five unique 16-page sections. Your options are: Cooking & Nutritional Tips, Household Hints, Kid’s Kitchen Crafts, Gifts from the Kitchen, and Nutrition for the Soul; Inspirational Scripture. You may add any number of these sections to compile an interesting and helpful cookbook. You can review these sections in G&R’s sample cookbook or within your online account.

Personal Pages

Beyond a free Title Page, free Table of Contents and free Recipe Index, G&R Publishing also provides 5 free personal pages which will be located directly behind the Table of Contents. Consider using these pages for a dedication, history, photos (G&R allows you with one free black & white photo!), a thank you, contact information, poems or prayers, family tree, fundraising cause, or simply blank recipe pages. Additional photos can be added to your pages for an extra charge. You can even select a free border for your personal pages.

We are continuing the tradition of excellence in creating custom cookbooks.

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Let this be the year your cookbook is published!

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