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Fundraising, Community, Professional Cookbooks & so much more!

You can use this chart to find the base price of your book. Select the number of recipes your book will have on the left side of the chart and the number of books you plan to print across the top. Coupons and web submission discounts are subtracted from this price.

Standard Quantities Price Chart

Low Quantities Price Chart

Offers & Discounts

These FREE Features are included in the base price.

  • UV coating of covers
  • Plastic coil – orders of 48 books or less, please check on availability of coil colors.
  • 1 black & white photo
  • Professionally-designed covers
  • 5 personal pages
  • 8 professionally-designed dividers
  • Free 90-day financing for non-profit groups
  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Recipe Index
  • Advance Sales
  • Recipe forms
  • Recipe library
  • 1-time proof that resembles your finished books
  • Online advertising

Payment Terms

Non-Profit Groups & Organizations

Cookbook Specialists offers terms for recognized non-profits groups and organizations in the USA; recognized non-profits are defined as registered with your state and have a Form 501 (c) (not to be confused with a tax exempt form). A copy of the 501 (c) and an approval form needs to accompany your order. If you meet these guidelines, our terms are no money down and 90 days to pay the full balance. One-third due in 30 , 60 and 90 days from the invoice date. Your group or organization will be invoiced when the books are shipped.

Businesses, Individuals, Families & Groups

Payment terms for businesses, individuals, families and groups who do not meet the recognized non-profit definition described above and all foreign accounts are 50% down payment when order is submitted (half of your order form total). The remaining balance is due before books are shipped. The balance will also include shipping costs.


Shipping charges are added to your invoice. We ship through FedEx or UPS and try to find the best pricing for you, both will only ship to a street address and will only deliver to a door. You may check with us for an estimate of shipping time. Please note that if we can accommodate freight shipments or expedite shipping we will but you will be billed accordingly.

Payment Options

You may pay with check or money order. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. No adjustments, credits or refunds beyond 90 days of invoice. Return check fees are $35.00.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees will apply, depending on the status of your cookbook at time of cancellation.

Over/Under Run

Standard over/under run is 5%. During the printing process we may have some spoilage. It is customary for you to receive up to 5% more or less books then you ordered. The finished number of books is what you will be billed for.


Reorder quotes can be requested any time after your order ships. Minimum reorder is 24 cookbooks. If there are any minor corrections that need to be made before reprinting, please submit these in writing and we will make corrections at no charge. Account must be paid in full before reorders can be started. Our payment terms remain the same for your reorder as for your initial order. Pricing on reorders is based on current book pricing and the page count of your book.

We are continuing the tradition of excellence in creating custom cookbooks.

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Let this be the year your cookbook is published!

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