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Type Your Own Recipes

Provide Your Typed Recipe Files to G&R

  • Turn off automatic fraction formatting (½ to 1/2).
  • Our typesetters can change your recipes to your desired font during the formatting of your book.
  • Choose 10 pt. as your font size.
  • Choose Left Align for your text.
  • Use asterisk symbol (ie. 350*) for degree symbol.
  • Hit Return/Enter once after recipe title and type contributor.
  • Hit Return/Enter twice after contributor and type ingredients in one column.
  • Hit Return/Enter twice after ingredients and type recipe directions in paragraph form.
  • Hit Return/Enter 3 times between recipes.
  • Create a separate document for each recipe category.
  • Do not use the tab key when typing recipes.
  • Discount may not apply if recipes are not typed according to these guidelines.
Gather Recipes
  • Request recipe forms from G&R or print out forms now to
    distribute to potential contributors. Generally, groups need
    300 to 600 recipe forms (consider 3 to 5 per potential
    contributor) and 8 to 10 category envelopes (one for each
    section in your cookbook).
  • Ensure that everyone knows where to return their recipes
    by a scheduled deadline date.
  • Separate recipes into the appropriate categories, then sort recipes into the desired order within each category.
Type Recipes
  • Type the recipes in any word processing program (for example: Microsoft Works, Word, Note Pad, InDesign, PageMaker) following
    a few simple guidelines.
  • Double-check recipes for mistakes. Mistakes or typos found after
    the book is formatted for printing will incur a $3 per item charge
    to be corrected.
Design Your Cookbook
  • Create your account here.
  • Choose your book’s design options.
  • Fill out the hard copy order form, or create a free account where you can visually select your design options.
Submit Your Order
  • Upload your recipe files to your online account and submit your order, or mail a CD of your recipe files, a completed hard copy order form, and any artwork or photos to G&R Publishing.

Before your book goes into production, you will receive, review and approve a proof of your cookbook. Books will be shipped in 28 business days!

We are continuing the tradition of excellence in creating custom cookbooks.

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