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G&R Types Your Recipes

Send us hard copies of your recipes
and let us take care of the rest!

Unless otherwise specified, G&R will follow these guidelines when typing your recipes:



  • A dash will be used between quantity and package size. (ex: 1-6 oz. pkg.)
  • Commas will be used to separate the ingredient and the description.
    (ex: 1 onion, diced)
  • Directions will be typed in one single paragraph.
  • We will use proper capitalization and spelling of brand names and standard cooking terms.
  • Before your cookbook goes into production, you will receive, review and approve a proof of your book.
Gather Recipes
  • Request free Recipe Forms and Category Envelopes from
    G&R. An average request is 300 to 600 Recipe Forms and
    8 to 10 Category Envelopes.
  • Distribute at least 3 forms to all potential contributors. Ensure
    that everyone knows where to return their recipes by a scheduled deadline date.
Organize Recipes
  • Choose divider titles. G&R’s standard divider titles can be viewed here. Custom divider titles are an enhancement that will incur an additional charge.
  • Separate recipes into the appropriate categories, then sort recipes into the desired order within each category.
  • Number each recipe, starting with the first recipe in the first category and continuing to the last recipe in the last category. For example, Appetizers, Beverages & Dips 1-32, then Soups & Salads 33-67, etc.
  • Make copies of all recipes to use during the proofing process.
  • Place each recipe section in a Category Envelope and mark each envelope with the divider title and the recipe numbers that are contained within. You may also use your own envelopes or folders.
Design Your Cookbook
  • Create your account here.
  • Choose your book’s design options.
  • Fill out the hard copy order form, or create an account here where you can visually select your design options.
Submit Your Order
  • Mail the Category Envelopes containing recipes and any artwork or photos to G&R Publishing. If you have not submitted your order online and do not plan to do so, please include a completed hard copy order form.
  • Before your cookbook goes into production, you will receive, review and approve a proof of your book.

We are continuing the tradition of excellence in creating custom cookbooks.

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