Cookbooks For Sale

Cookbooks For Sale

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Our Favorite Recipes, Abilene School Food Service

Abilene School Food Service Association Cookbook Our Favorite Recipes

Over 290 recipes From the Abilene, TX ISD Lunchroom Ladies. This is “down-home” cooking from the 50’s and 60’s from the ladies that prepared meals for a living. Please note, these are not the dishes you ate at school, but rather what the ladies made for their families when they got home. All proceeds from the cookbook go to a local food charity to feed kids on the weekends.

$20 – Buy a Book, Feed a Kid.

To purchase, go to:

A to Z Canning Freezing & Tips

What started as a labor of love by Lydia A. Hershberger has now become an amazing legacy and is being printed in remembrance of Lydia. 248 pages of delicious tried-and-true recipes, canning, freezing, household and gardening tips, as well as numerous home remedies to cure what ails you. For any size family and large gatherings such as weddings. A little bit of everything, from Pizza Sauce to Bologna to Frogmore Stew to Freezer Coleslaw to Cough Syrup to How to Fix Salty Soup to Caring for Poinsettias to Killing Weeds, and everything in between.

Available for individual sale ($20.00 per book plus shipping) or by the case (30 in a case, $525.00 plus shipping).

Call for pricing or to order – contact Alvin Hershberger at 434-349-1962 or 434-471-0722. Leave a message.

Historic West Paint Creek Synod Church Cookbook

Historic West Paint Creek Synod Church Cookbook

History and recipes of the charming Historic West Paint Creek Synod Church fill the pages of this recipe book. Enjoy 451 recipes including the ones from the original 1950 cookbook and recent recipes from the church descendants.

To purchase e-mail or call 563-568-7480

Price $15.00 + $3.00 shipping

Fairfield Women's Club

Check out this terrific recipe book by the Fairfield Women’s Club in Fairfield Iowa. With almost 500 recipes this book is filled with tasty tried-and-true meal options. Cookbooks make great gifts and support great causes! Order you copy today from the Fairfield Women’s Club.

Books are $20 each and $4.95 shipping

To purchase email:

Hoyt's Kitchen

Hoyt's Kitchen recipe books
Hoyt’s Kitchen Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Hoyt Tidwell of Hoyt’s Kitchen is famous for his cooking videos especially his Chicken & Dumplings found on page 17 of his Volume 1 cookbook! These down home recipes from Hoyt’s Kitchen and his family are sure to bring your family to the table for good food and family time! Volume 2 and 3 also include recipes from friends.

Over 300 recipes in each volume!

To purchase visit:

Italian Family Traditions with a Twist

italian recipe book Do you love Italian food?

World renowned Chef Jimmy Canora is sharing
his over 200 page of recipe book
with you in his newly published Cookbook.
This cookbook also features photos of all of the recipes!

Get your copy for only $24.99 today!

You can order directly from Chef Jimmy

Seasons & Celebrations for Special Occasions KID-FRIENDLY RECIPES

Kid Friendly Cookbook

The KID-FRIENDLY RECIPES 8X11 “Big Book” cookbook is different! It is a monthly designed cookbook that will provide kids with fun experiences & appreciation with foods while celebrating seasons, monthly holidays, national food days, birthdays, & special occasions each month of the year!
Cooking is a great learning experience for kids……a great bonding activity with family……and this cookbook is a great gift for all occasions!

KID-FRIENDLY RECIPES – $20 each & $5 shipping

Contact: Jana Yates –

A Bountiful Harvest: Canning & Freezing

Simply Canning, Freezing & Preserving Recipes, Hints, & Tips from Around the Country.

Pantry shelves filled with healthy, home-canned goodness. Experience the satisfaction of a well-stocked pantry using some of the 625+ recipes included inside this book!

To order email Cheryl at (email is not checked daily.)

Price: $28.50 includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Miss Dana's Kitchen

Miss Dana's recipe bookMiss Dana’s recipe book, “Something to Share” offers the best of Southern cuisine. The recipes and tales in Something to Share will remind you of sipping iced tea on the porch or sharing a meal after attending a football game. Dana Carter has filled her cookbook with stories about food and much-loved recipes that have been enjoyed at Louisiana family gatherings, Texas church functions, wedding showers, and Nashville green rooms. With kid friendly favorites and rich masterpieces, this cookbook has something for everyone.

To Purchase Contact:
Price is $25, plus $5 shipping.

Baking Buy The Book, By Lori Peer

Baking Buy The Book, By Lori Peer
Check out this recipe collection of bars, cookies, cakes and candies. Recipes are formatted for easy reading and include tips, suggestions and substitutions. A wonderful recipe book for beginning bakers or those wanting to expand their horizons in the kitchen.

To Purchase Contact: Lori Peer
(763) 316-7039
Books $15 each = $5 shipping (Continental U.S.)


Veterans’ groups may use the books as a starting point for collecting memories to create a book of shared memories to be printed. “My Military Memories” makes a great gift with bulk rates available for groups with a sponsor purchasing books for veterans.

“My Military Memories” Journal

Capture memories and leave a legacy with the “My Military Memories” Journal. This journal is designed to guide veterans in recording their reflections of the time they served. Perfect for family/friends to start a conversation with a loved one about their service and create a lasting legacy. Journal pages can also be used to tape or glue in photos. A map at the back of the book gives veterans a chance to mark where they served.

Helpful Hints Almanac

Helpful Hints Almanac

Hints for everything from cooking to cleaning to pantry essentials to what to cook for dinner to…you get the picture! A Little of everything!

My Favorite Recipes

Our Recipe journals have 100 pages for you to record your favorite recipes.

You can use them to treasure family recipes, or use them as a building block for collecting recipes to put a church or organization’s quick fundraiser together.

2022 Day Planner 

Cover Option 1 (Butterfly/Flower)

Cover Option 2 (Sunset/Walkway)

Get your 2022 day planner today. Choose from 2 fun covers. This 2022 planner includes month at a glance and weekly planning pages, 142 total pages. These planners also make a great gift!

Happy Camper Cookbook

The Happy Camper Cookbook

Delicious recipes for cast iron pans, dutch ovens, pie irons, foil and open fire. Also, a lot of tips and hints for using these items, as well as camping in general.