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A Cookbooks Journey to Print – Kat’s in the Kitchen, Volumes 1, 2, & 3

A Books Journey to Print Blog - Kat's in the Kitchen Cookbooks volumes 1- 3

A Cookbooks Journey to Print Started with a Recipe Collection

This cookbooks journey to print started when Kathy Gean had collected almost 600 recipes and wanted them all in one place. Some recipes were her mom’s, who was a wonderful cook. Other recipes came from friends who share a love of cooking. In addition to that are recipes that came from travels where she tried to recreate a dish or coerced the recipe/special ingredient from the chef.

A Cookbook Comes Together

A decade-long hobby of cooking and catering as a side gig gave Kat’s in the Kitchen, volume one a flavor for entertaining. Kathy has received many compliments over the years about her food not only being pretty but also tasty! No matter if she is serving a large gathering or a family home-cooked meal. Kathy wants her food to taste great.

Creating a Cookbook in Kathy’s Own Words

I inquired from different cookbook publishers, and most sent samples of their work and in-depth information about how to proceed.  I made my selection because I liked the looks of what was sent and the ease with which it seemed for entering recipes online and the format.  Plus, the people I called with questions were extremely nice and helpful, so I knew it would be easy to work with them!  I typed all the recipes in myself in order to keep consistency in the wording, but shared accessibility with my daughter to proofread.  Once the book was delivered, my awesome friends hosted a book signing at my church. They advertised it in our local newspaper and on social media. They made many recipes from the book, and included the page number on the food placard.  There was a huge line for signing and I sold out before the two hours were up, and began taking orders for more!  Word of mouth was extremely helpful and at the time I owned a clothing boutique where I regularly hosted luncheons and cocktail parties to bring in business.  The cookbooks almost “sold themselves” at those events.   Social media has been my main tool since closing my store.  My advice to anyone wanting to create a cookbook would be to start collecting the recipes and GO FOR IT!

A Cookbook Collection Full of Flavor

The first cookbook, Kat’s in the Kitchen, focused on recipes for tasty foods that often received compliments. Kathy’s second book contains 500 recipes with only a handful of repetitions for basics like pie dough. Finally, volume 3 showcases quick/easy recipes and large quantities for cooking for groups, parties, and fundraisers. This book has icons to indicate the quick and easy and the large cooking recipes quickly. A few recipes are repeated because they fit with the quick and easy/large quantities cooking theme.

Kathy Talks about the Impact of the Cookbook on Her Life

After finishing the third book which was written during the Covid pandemic and after a major career change, I decided to share all my personal feelings in the intro.  With the other two books, it was a reluctant personal bio that was hard to write.  But with the third book, the words flowed, once I decided to just get honest and personal about a major life change after 35 years in another career, the reasons behind the choice, and the way the changes had impacted my life.  It was my “happy ending” story.  I had an incredible number of people tell me that they love the intro as much as the recipes.  That made my heart happy! I do believe people and things come into our lives or cross our paths for a reason.

About the Author

Kathy is a lifelong resident of Magnolia, Arkansas, and a graduate of Southern Arkansas University. For 20 years she worked at a nationally recognized boutique and owned it for the latter 15 years. She then became Director of Youth and Family Ministries at First Presbyterian Church for 4 years. Currently, she is employed as Director of SAU+AmeriCorps Vista. Kathy is married to John Allen Gean (40 years!). They have a son Paul, daughter-in-law Karen and a daughter Brittany. They also have a rescue border/lab mix and 2 cats who have adopted them.

A Taste of Kat’s in the Kitchen

Check out Kathy’s most popular recipe from Volume 1 below. When Kathy began catering she made this recipe and soon was the most requested item on the menu! Looking back she believes she has made over a 1,000 pounds of marinated cheese over the years.

To order a copy of Kat’s in the Kitchen Volumes 1, 2 or 3

Write to Kathy Gean at 1918 Gean Street, Magnolia, AR 71753 – or – email

A Cookbooks Journey to Print - Marinated Cheese Recipe from Kathy Gean


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