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A Cookbook’s Journey to Print – A Bountiful Harvest

A Books Journey to Print Blog featuring A Bountiful Harvest by Regina Mast and Cheryl Moore

The journey to print as a published cookbook for A Bountiful Harvest started as a dream.  Later it became a reality with the help of a neighbor.

Published Cookbook Started as a Dream

Regina Mast dreamed about publishing a cookbook. Even though she wanted to publish a cookbook she was unsure how to go about it. After she and her family moved to Michigan her dream became a reality. In the process of teaching her neighbor, Cheryl Monroe, the art of canning, she mentioned her dream. Cheryl was excited to help her to put the cookbook together. They both loved canning and Cheryl had the skills to put together the cookbook design.

Cookbook Full of Family & Friends Recipes

Recipes in the book are from all over the country.  While Regina learned some from her mother, the rest are from families who shared treasured recipes from their kitchens. Tucked in the pages you will also find, fresh and unique recipes adding extra flavor to the book. It took about a year to collect the recipes and put the book together.

Cookbook Filled with Tips

A Bountiful Harvest is full of canning tips shared by families, even some of the menfolk! These were compiled and then sprinkled throughout as the book was created. Regina wanted to publish a cookbook that included useful guides and tips to make learning to can easier.

Published Cookbook is Valuable Resource

In the Amish community, A Bountiful Harvest is becoming a resource young brides use to learn how to preserve food. In recent years more and more people outside that community are wanting to learn the art of canning as well.  An increased interest in gardening has people wanting to preserve their harvest. In addition many realize homemade is tastier and healthier.

Cookbook Helps Preserve Bountiful Harvests

Regina finds that canning allows her to preserve foods when she has extra. In one case she had come across a lot of nuts and canning was a great way to preserve them for future use. In other cases, she makes double batches during years when the harvest is plentiful and then is able to skip the next year of canning that item or not canning as much.

A Published Cookbook with Value

Regina promotes A Bountiful Harvest with the words, “If you like to can or if you don’t this is the book for you.” With extensive guides, tips, and recipes it is a valuable resource. A cooking class is using it (with permission) as their text book. Regina finds most of her cookbook sales are wholesale to stores throughout the U.S.

To Purchase

A Bountiful Harvest can be purchased from Regina Mast by writing to her at 5322 Lamie Hwy, Charlotte MI, 48813 or calling her at 517-543-6222 or find A Bountiful Harvest and additional cookbooks on our Cookbooks For Sale page.

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A Bountiful Harvest Cookbooks ready to ship in their box
Copies of A Bountiful Harvest being boxed up and ready to ship to Regina Mast