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Cookbook Club to Create a Cookbook

Blog Post - Use a Cookbook Club to create a custom cookbook.

Cookbook Clubs are Gaining Popularity

Hosting a Cookbook Club is a great way to have fun, test new recipes and create a custom cookbook!

Cookbook Club Options

Cookbook Clubs can be set up in a variety of ways. Hosting a group of 6 to 8 people is ideal. One option is to select a cookbook and have everyone bring a prepared recipe from that book. Another option is to select a few recipes and get together to prepare them to take home or freeze.

Cookbook Club to Create a Custom Cookbook

Cookbook Clubs are also a great way to create a new custom cookbook. You and your club members get to try out recipes and find new favorites. Use these recipes along with family and friend favorites to create a new cookbook. Monthly club meetings from January to July give you 7 months to collect recipes and have them before the holidays. Here is an example of a recipe goal: Six members bring ten recipes each month – 60 recipes for 7 months = 420 recipes!

Of those recipes, plan to test out 6 to 12 recipes a month, giving your cookbook 84 tested recipes. Consider adding a small section to the front of the book talking about your adventures cooking the recipes.

For August organize a Cookbook Club Get Together with treats and proofread your recipes for submission. Then submit your order to create a custom cookbook. Your cookbooks will arrive in time for the holidays and give you and your friends the perfect gift to give. Custom cookbooks are often used as a fundraiser. Use sales to support a cause that is close to your club members’ hearts.

Use September and October Cookbook Club to cook your favorite recipes and take photos to post on your social media pages. If fundraising, this is also a great time to plan how to sell the books. Your November club meeting is the perfect time to munch on favorite treats while wrapping your cookbooks for gift giving.

December’s club meeting is to celebrate and try out new recipes!

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