A Book’s Journey To Print – The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook, by Tom Bernardin

Blog A Books Journey to Print The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook by Tom Bernardin

A Book’s Journey To Print – Captured in this cookbook are the recipes that journeyed through Ellis Island, The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook, by Tom Bernardin. Passion for History Inspires a Book’s Journey  Tom has had a long passion for history. He learned about the impact immigration had on American history while growing up in Lawrence, MA, known as Immigrant City. Later he moved to New York and taught English to recent immigrants. He then moved on to serve as a tour guide at Ellis Island and that led Tom to develop a slide lecture titled, Ellis Island– The Golden

Fundraising with Cookbooks

Fundraising Cookbooks

Custom cookbooks are a time-honored way of raising funds for a variety of causes. If you are looking to raise money and need a fundraiser with a terrific success rate, check out our custom cookbook division. Easy & Simple! A cookbook project can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. Personal fundraising projects are easy for an individual to put together and then donate profits. For groups, this is perfect to get everyone involved. People who contribute recipes are likely to purchase multiple copies giving groups guaranteed upfront sales. Community Fundraising cookbooks capture the flavor

Gifting Cookbooks

Cookbooks Make the Perfect Gift

Check out these ideas on cookbook gifting! So many great reasons to give a cookbook! With more people cooking at home, a cookbook gives them a resource to create new dishes for a great meal! Purchasing a fundraising cookbook supports the community while providing local tastes. Gifting a family or heirloom cookbook preserves memories and passes them on to the next generation. Selecting a specialty cookbook to promote health or provide new cooking adventures. Wrapping up a cookbook can be a creative and fun gift. Wrap a cookbook up in a dish towel and tuck a utensil in the bow.

The Holiday Season is the Best Time to Collect Recipes!

Collecting Recipes During the Holidays

Whether you are creating a family heirloom cookbook, one to share with friends or creating a fundraising cookbook, the holidays are perfect for collecting recipes! The holiday season is filled with food options. From large family meals to parties with appetizers and desserts. This is also a busy time when families take advantage of easy to make quick meals so they have time for holiday activities. With so many great recipes in use, it’s easy to collect favorites for a cookbook. Make recipe collection easy with our recipe collection forms (see below) and for more tips on collecting recipes read

Halloween Cookbook Project – A DIY for Kids of All Ages!

Create your own Halloween Cookbook. DIY Project. Free Downloads

At Halloween, it’s important to feed the ghosts and goblins in your home. They may look like normal children today, but with a simple costume change, they suddenly become anything from Batman to a butterfly. Use these fun moments to sneak in a little learning and build some memories by creating a Halloween Cookbook! Once the fall season arrives announce a Halloween supper. It doesn’t have to be on October 31st, just a date close to Halloween that everyone is available to sit together for a meal. Encourage kids to make sure all family members know when the meal is

Sell Cookbooks with Cookies!

    In the past many groups would use a potluck to sell cookbooks so people could sample some of the great recipes inside the book. With the pandemic potlucks may have been closed down but bake sales are still a possibility! Select recipes like cookies that can be made, bagged and allowed to sit for a day or two. Then hold a drive through bake sale.   Have cookbooks available on the table along with two or three cookie varieties plus some mixed bags too. Have a nice big sign that says what is available for sale and include