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Farmers’ Market and Cookbooks

Purchasing cookbook & Ingredients from a farmers' market blog

 Creating a cookbook to sell at Farmers’ Market is a great way to boost sales and spred the word about the products you have to offer!

Profitable Combination

– People attend farmers’ markets looking for the freshest and most nutritious ingredients to include in their meals. Creating a cookbook using the products you take to farmers’ market gives you the chance to showcase and introduce ideas of how to use your products.

Easy Sell

– Cookbooks make a great add on sale at farmers’ markets, as they are easy to store, display, transport and non-perishable. They also make a great gift idea giving you an additional selling opportunity.

Bonus Marketing

– Every cookbook sale gives you the chance to get your name and/or business name out so people remember you. Add your website, email address and any other contact information making it easy for your regular customers to always have your information at hand. Take promoting even further by having a drawing for a copy of your cookbook or giving a copy to a group that is seeking donations for a raffle.

Recipe Collection

– Collecting recipes for your cookbook is as easy as using recipes from your kitchen and those from family and friends. You could even ask your favorite customers for their top recipes. Recipes are not copyrightable so as long as the recipes are in your own words you can use them.

Start Today

– Creating a cookbook is easy and can be great fun! Contact us for a FREE guide or visit our website and set up a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION web account to explore what we have to offer! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to contact us!