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Gift Ideas for Dads in the Kitchen

Gift Ideas for Dads in the Kitchen, blog image.

Surprise your favorite family chef with some useful and fun gifts to assist him with cooking up your favorite recipes. Check out these gift ideas we found for dads in the kitchen.

Practical Gifts for Dads in the Kitchen

  • Fill a gift bag or small box with favorite spices and flavorings.
  • A new pot or pan filled with candy, nuts or snack mix.
  • In a new kitchen towel, roll up a spatula, wooden spoon or variety of utensils.
  • Tuck a gift card to a favorite grocery store into a new cookbook. Take some time to go through the cookbook and write notes like, “This looks good,” “I remember when you made this,” or “Let’s make this one together.”

Homemade Gifts To Honor Dad 

  • A homemade gift certificate for kids to make Dad his favorite meal on a day of his choosing.
  • Decorate or repurpose a small box into a recipe box for Dad to store all his recipes. You can also create a box using popsicle sticks.
  • Decorate a platter with a custom message like King of the Grill or Master Chef. Check out this one by Marian Parsons at HGTV Hand Painted Grill Platter
  • An apron.  Using a plain apron and fabric paint, kids can add their handprints. Check out this cute option by Jillian Leslie at CatchMyParty, Easy Father’s Day Apron DIY 

Gifts to Inspire and Preserve Memories with Dad

  • Frame a favorite recipe along with a photo of a family meal.
  • A blank recipe journal to keep track of new recipes. Check out the options from Print Express.
  • A card announcing that you are going to spend time with Dad collecting all his favorite recipes to put into a custom cookbook that can be cherished and gifted to friends and family. For more information click here. Contact Cookbook Specialists for a free guide. You can download free recipe forms below to start the recipe collection process today.

Download Printable Recipe Forms Here

Download Interactive Recipe Form Here

We hope you have fun making memories with these gift ideas for dads in the kitchen.