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Military Memories Journal

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Capture Memories and Leave a Legacy with “My Military Memories” Journal

My Military Memories is a journal designed to guide Veterans and Active Military Personnel to record reflections of their service. The journal is a great way to start a conversation, record memories, and preserve history.

Starting the Conversation

Created by the daughters of two veterans with the help of a Vietnam Veteran, the journal was created to give families and organizations a way to start a conversation. Asking a veteran to “tell me about your service” can be overwhelming. Memories that instantly come to mind might be ones that are difficult. The journal guides you through questions and gives you the space to record them. It starts with basic information and mixes questions from military life to recreational activities.

Questions include where training took place, advancement, awards, and a map at the back of the book to mark where they served. The journal encourages stories and is flexible allowing for some stories to flow to extra pages. From food to friends there is a good balance of questions to record an accurate history.

Photos, newspaper clippings, and maps are easy to glue to the pages. Overall, there are 98 pages to record service memories on. The journal’s spiral binding makes it very easy to write in.

Interior Page Images of My Military Memories Journal

Multiple Reasons to Record Military Memories


Use the journal as a tool to interview Veterans. Families can use these to record an important part of a loved one’s life. Students can use these to easily interview Veterans for a school project or to learn more about history.

Group Project

Create a history book for a group. Have members of the group fill out journals. Select stories and entries from the journals to create the book. Print Express/Cookbook Specialists can assist with the formatting and printing of the project. This is a great way to create a history book for a group.

A Gift

Gifting copies of the journal to Veterans and Military Personnel is a way to show gratitude for their service. Consider gifting copies for Veterans Days in November.

Personal Story

Use a copy to capture your memories to pass on to loved ones or use it to start a book on your service. Fill out the journal and have Print Express/Cookbook Specialists print multiple copies either scanned so it is in your handwriting or have us type it up into a professional book that you can have printed to give to multiple family members.


Active Military Personnel may find the journal a great way to record basic information for future reference. Keeps your dates of service handy and allows you to record memories as they happen.

Historical Society/Museums

Ask local Veterans to fill out a copy of the journal* to add to the collection. These are a great addition to a vocal/video history section that many museums already have.


Raise funds for a military group by purchasing copies and selling them. Consider a fundraiser where people can donate the purchased book to a local veteran.

A Journal that Becomes a Book

Let Print Express/Cookbook Specialists assist you with creating a printed book that you can sell for fundraising or give as a gift to the community. Have us scan completed journals and print copies. Or have the journal retyped and formatted with photos by our design team. Have multiple Veterans fill out journals and pick and choose stories to go in one book to commemorate a group. Contact us for more information and pricing options.

*Bulk rates are available for groups creating a project or with a sponsor purchasing books for veterans.

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