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Fair Food & Blue Ribbon Recipes

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Blue Ribbon Recipes in a Cookbook 

County fairs are filled with food-related memories made from fair worthy recipes! Blue ribbon pie contests to corn dog vendors, the smells and flavors of the county fair are built on food. Create a cookbook to preserve blue ribbon memories to be treasured for years to come.

There are so many great reasons to create a Fair Cookbook!

  • Fill a cookbook with fair memories and blue ribbon recipes for a surefire way to raise money for your local fair. Perfect project for fair committees!
  • 4-H club members can use recipes from fair projects to raise money for their group. A great way to combine a fair entry with a fundraising project!
  • Capture flavors of the fair along with your fair memories to share with family as a gift.
  • Churches, cattleman groups, and other organizations can create a cookbook to sell at their food booths to raise extra funds.
  • Garden clubs, flower shows and craft events can feature garden grown goods. A great fundraiser or use as part of an educational program.
  • Create a family history cookbook as part of a fair project and win a blue ribbon!

Creating a Fair Cookbook is Easy

Create a cookbook web account to easily store and organize recipes! Our web accounts are free, easy to use and we are happy to answer any questions.

Gather recipes with a click and snap a photo of them. Then add them to your cookbook project using our Android Recipe App. Or visit our blog about Collecting Recipes for downloadable recipe forms.

Sort recipes by food categories. Another option is to sort them by where they are at the fair. Next, slip in stories and history with custom covers, dividers and front pages.

Finally, select designs and submit your order.

Start Today

Gather fair-related recipes today and start your Fair Cookbook.

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