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A Cookbook’s Journey to Print – A Bountiful Harvest

A Books Journey to Print Blog featuring A Bountiful Harvest by Regina Mast and Cheryl Moore

The journey to print as a published cookbook for A Bountiful Harvest started as a dream.  Later it became a reality with the help of a neighbor. Published Cookbook Started as a Dream Regina Mast dreamed about publishing a cookbook. Even though she wanted to publish a cookbook she was unsure how to go about it. After she and her family moved to Michigan her dream became a reality. In the process of teaching her neighbor, Cheryl Monroe, the art of canning, she mentioned her dream. Cheryl was excited to help her to put the cookbook together. They both loved

A Cookbooks Journey to Print – Kat’s in the Kitchen, Volumes 1, 2, & 3

A Books Journey to Print Blog - Kat's in the Kitchen Cookbooks volumes 1- 3

A Cookbooks Journey to Print Started with a Recipe Collection This cookbooks journey to print started when Kathy Gean had collected almost 600 recipes and wanted them all in one place. Some recipes were her mom’s, who was a wonderful cook. Other recipes came from friends who share a love of cooking. In addition to that are recipes that came from travels where she tried to recreate a dish or coerced the recipe/special ingredient from the chef. A Cookbook Comes Together A decade-long hobby of cooking and catering as a side gig gave Kat’s in the Kitchen, volume one a

Recipe for Carrot Cake Mix in a Jar

Recipe for Carrot Cake in a Jar Blog Image

A Recipe Gift to You to Gift This holiday season we would like to give you a recipe gift that you can share. Create these delightful carrot cake mixes in jars that can be gifted. Add a few additional ingredients and this will make an excellent treat for last-minute holiday gatherings or a dessert for the New Year. See below for a downloadable version that you can print out. Make the holiday extra special by wrapping this up with a local community or family cookbook. For cookbook gifting ideas Click Here. Create a Cookbook for the Ultimate Gift The holiday

A Cookbook’s Journey to Print – Our Favorite Recipes, by Abilene School Food Service Association

Our Favorite Recipes Journey to Print Blog Image

A Cookbook’s Journey to Print Starts with Finding a Treasure Reprinting his mom’s cookbook Our Favorite Recipes, by Abilene School Food Service Association allowed Dusty Hudgins to preserve history and bring a vintage cookbook to a new generation. This cookbook’s journey to print started with Dusty going through his mom’s cookbooks after she passed away.  When he came across a book called Our Favorite Recipes, it caught his eye. Written on the inside front cover he found his mom’s signature and the date February 26, 1963. Later he posted a photo of the cookbook on social media and people began

A Story’s Journey to Print – Father Edmond Hayes, The Heritage Builder

A Books Journey to Print - Father Hayes St Patrick's Church, blog image

Church History Leads to a Story to Journey to Print A Story’s Journey to Print Father Edmond Hayes, The Heritage Builder is a booklet that began when Laurie McGargill was researching the history of St Patrick Catholic Church in Imogene, Iowa. She noticed details of Father Hayes’ influence on the church and began noting these facts in a spreadsheet. Laurie knew the story of Father Hayes needed telling. A 20-page story emerged from the spreadsheet. Included in the pages is the early history of the church. It also features Father Hayes’ contributions to growing St Patrick into the church it