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Cookbooks as Customer Appreciation Gifts

Customer sitting with shopping bags. Custom cookbooks as appreciation gifts

A gift for customers that have supported your business that they will love.

Looking for a spectacular gift to hand out this year to the customers that have supported your business? Cookbooks make great customer appreciation gifts!

Gifting cookbooks is a time honored tradition for many companies and is the perfect way to say thank you. Collecting family and employee recipes to tuck into the pages makes this a keepsake item customers will cherish. Custom cookbooks are also a great way to keep your business contact information handy for customers and keeps your business name in front of the customer.

Start today and have your books ready to hand out at the start of the holidays. Creating a custom cookbook is as easy as.

                Collecting/Sorting Recipes

                Entering Recipes Online or mailing them in to be typed

                Selecting design options for your cookbook

                Reviewing a PDF proof copy of your book

                Enjoying your books when they arrive!

Contact us for a free information guide or call and we can talk through the easy steps for creating your custom cookbook. Start today for the perfect gift this holiday.


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