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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale!

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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale! Groups use potlucks to sell cookbooks so people can sample the great recipes inside. With the pandemic, potlucks were closed down but drive through bake sales took off! Take advantage and sell cookbooks with cookies. Select recipes from the cookbook like, cookies and bars that can be made, bagged and allowed to sit for a day or two. Then hold a bake sale with your cookbooks! Set Up A Drive Through Bake Sale Have cookbooks available on the table along with a variety of cookies plus some mixed bags, too. Have a big sign

Creating a Cookbook During a Pandemic

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Creating a Cookbook During A Pandemic The world of cookbooks is ever evolving and spring of 2020 will bring a whole new realm of cookbook evolution.  The good news is with people home more they are cooking more, so cookbooks that were gathering dust are being cracked wide open. Moms and grandmas are answering questions ranging from boiling water to how to bake bread. It’s a time of returning to basics and more people will be making sure they have a good quality cookbook in the cupboard from here on out. Cookbooks versus E-books What about e-books, what about online

Pandemic Cookbook Sales

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So how do I sell my cookbooks during a pandemic? Well this is one blog I didn’t think I’d ever write but drawing on many years of experience from customers all over the nation, we have some great ideas to get your cookbooks selling and delivered safely.