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Creating a Cookbook During a Pandemic

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Creating a Cookbook During A Pandemic

The world of cookbooks is ever evolving and spring of 2020 will bring a whole new realm of cookbook evolution.  The good news is with people home more they are cooking more, so cookbooks that were gathering dust are being cracked wide open. Moms and grandmas are answering questions ranging from boiling water to how to bake bread. It’s a time of returning to basics and more people will be making sure they have a good quality cookbook in the cupboard from here on out.

Cookbooks versus E-books

What about e-books, what about online recipes? Right now homes are filled with families trying to juggle online learning and work emails. With only so many devices and so much Wi-Fi, a trusty cookbook is always there. What about printing off recipes? Many families are conserving toner for the really important stuff as printers work overtime for school and work obligations. Have you tried to prepare a recipe from your phone when at that same moment your friend calls? This is a recipe for how phones end up falling into the soup!

So Many Great Reasons To Create a Cookbook

You may have thought about creating a family cookbook in the past or maybe wondered about one for your business to earn some extra profits. You may have even considered a fundraising book for your favorite group or organization. This is the year to create that book! People need your recipes now more than ever. If you or others in your group are at home with extra time on your hands, now is the time to collect recipes and be ready to have your book printed in time to sell for the holidays! Maybe you are creating a family book, you can start now then easily kick back and relax this fall/winter while everyone else scrambles to buy gifts, knowing you have a box of cookbooks you can hand out that will be a prized keepsake for years to come.

If you are finding social distancing making recipe collection a challenge, we have resources to help you out! From interactive PDF recipe forms to contributor logins for our website and even a script for calling people up and asking for their recipes over the phone! You can contact us for solutions that fit your project!

Once your cookbooks are printed, we have a wealth of ideas for getting them out to the masses! Check out our blog on Social Distancing Cookbook Sales.

Create your cookbook and bring joy, instruction and great meals to the kitchen.

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