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Sell Cookbooks with Cookies!



In the past many groups would use a potluck to sell cookbooks so people could sample some of the great recipes inside the book. With the pandemic potlucks may have been closed down but bake sales are still a possibility! Select recipes like cookies that can be made, bagged and allowed to sit for a day or two. Then hold a drive through bake sale.


Have cookbooks available on the table along with two or three cookie varieties plus some mixed bags too. Have a nice big sign that says what is available for sale and include the cookbook on that. Make sure each cookie bag has an order slip attached with contact information like email or phone number so people can contact you to purchase cookbooks. On the order slip make sure you include the name of the recipe the cookies were made from and what page number it can be found on.


If a drive through cookie sale isn’t possible consider having your group contact people by phone asking if they would like a bag of cookies delivered and include the delivery slip. If you have a member of your group willing to donate the cookies you may even be able to just hand out a single cookie with the order form.


Wearing a mask, having a bottle of hand sanitizer handy, and reassuring people that the cookies were bagged up a couple of days before will help to put people at ease about participating in your bake sale.