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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale!

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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale!

Groups use potlucks to sell cookbooks so people can sample the great recipes inside. With the pandemic, potlucks were closed down but drive through bake sales took off! Take advantage and sell cookbooks with cookies. Select recipes from the cookbook like, cookies and bars that can be made, bagged and allowed to sit for a day or two. Then hold a bake sale with your cookbooks!

Set Up A Drive Through Bake Sale

Have cookbooks available on the table along with a variety of cookies plus some mixed bags, too. Have a big sign that says what is available for sale and include the cookbook with the price. Make sure each cookie bag has an order slip attached with contact information like email or phone number so people can contact you to purchase cookbooks after the event. On the order slip make sure you include the name of the recipe the cookies were made from and what page number it can be found on.

Phone & Social Media Bake Sale

Have a phone and social media bake sale. Tell members of your group to contact people by phone or on social media. Let them know you are having a bake sale and what day goodies will be delivered. Provide order forms so they can note what goodies are available and pricing. Taking orders for your bake sale also takes the guess work out of how much to make! When you make the delivery include a cookbook order form.

Samples Make Friends and Sell Cookbooks

If you have members of your group willing to donate the cookies you may even be able hand out samples of a single cookie with an order form. It’s a great way to get your book noticed and give people a taste of your book. Stop by local businesses and leave a bag of cookies for them to hand out to employees.

Traditional Bake Sale to Sell Cookies and Cookbooks

Bake sales and community cookbooks are a staple of community fundraising. If you have a venue, consider a traditional bake sale. Wrap cookies and bars for germ free handling and easy transporting. This also allows you to hold the bake sale outdoors if you choose and keeps the bugs off the treats.

Photos and Promoting

Take photos of your bake sale, the treats and especially photos of the cookbooks with the treats. Share those photos online to help grab people’s attention and make sure to note who to contact and how to contact them for additional sales in the future.

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