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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale!

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Sell Cookbooks at a Bake Sale! Groups use potlucks to sell cookbooks so people can sample the great recipes inside. With the pandemic, potlucks were closed down but drive through bake sales took off! Take advantage and sell cookbooks with cookies. Select recipes from the cookbook like, cookies and bars that can be made, bagged and allowed to sit for a day or two. Then hold a bake sale with your cookbooks! Set Up A Drive Through Bake Sale Have cookbooks available on the table along with a variety of cookies plus some mixed bags, too. Have a big sign

Plan for Cookbook Sales Success

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Plan for cookbook sales success starting today! If today’s the first day you thought about creating a cookbook start today. If you have all your recipes collected then start today. Today is the best day to start planning for cookbook sales success. Plan to Make Sure Your Cookbooks Are Visible Check with local shops to see if they will sell a few copies. Sometimes offering a commission of even $1.00 a book will encourage them to not only sell the books for you, but also promote them. You can also check with local tourism offices as regional cookbooks make great