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Use a Potluck to Boost Sales

Cookbook, Potluck, Fundraising

Having a plan on how you are going to sell your cookbooks when they arrive is an essential part to a fundraising cookbook. Combining cookbook sales with food is a perfect combination for success.

Hosting a potluck featuring some of the recipes in the book gives your community a chance to try out the recipes and fall in love with your book. Here are a few tips from our customers that will help make this a successful event!

  • Encourage people bringing dishes to the potluck to use the recipes they submitted. Have index cards ready so you can list the name of the recipe and the page it can be found on to set next to the dish.
  • If a recipe has been submitted in memory of someone consider placing a framed photo of them next to the dish made from their recipe.
  • Have pens handy and encourage people to autograph each other’s cookbooks. This is a perfect keepsake! Think back to the days when people signed and left little notes in year books. Imagine the treasure of opening your cookbook to a handwritten message from a friend.
  • If the potluck is close to the holidays consider inviting a youth group to set up a gift wrap station with donated paper and accept donations for gift wrapping.
  • Some groups may find it fun to have a “photo booth” where people can pose with the cookbook and a few staged kitchen utensils. These photos will also be perfect to share on social media to spread the word even further.
  • Have a table for children to sit and create “bookmarks” for the cookbook. Encourage people to buy the cookbook as a gift and include their child’s bookmark as a special touch.
  • No time for a potluck? Feature a few of the cookie/bar recipes from the cookbook and have a coffee or tea party.

Planning ahead for the potluck will also give people a chance to pick up copies they pre-ordered at the event as well. Try to set the date by the time you approve your order for the cookbooks so you can use this as a launch party. If you already have your books it’s never too late to boost sales with a potluck. Go ahead and put those cookbooks to good use and let them sell themselves.