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Cookie Exchange to Support a Fundraising Cookbook

Cookie Exchange Blog Post

Holiday cookbooks are popular and make a terrific fundraiser! Finding ideas for a multitude of sweet treats in one little book makes holiday planning easier and knowing the recipes are from members of your community gives you a keepsake book with memories tucked in the pages.

Creating Your Holiday Cookbook

Set up a Cookie Exchange with your group and while they are digging around for their favorite cookie recipe have them copy down their top favorite recipes. Everyone in the group then brings a plate of cookies from one of their recipes along with the other recipes that they dug out and the fun begins. (Cookie exchanges do not have to be limited to just December! Consider having one in January when all the holiday treats have run out!)

A Little Organizing and Snacking

With a pot of coffee or hot chocolate bubbling away, start sampling cookies and copying recipes which can be as easy as snapping a photo of them. Check over recipes while copying them to make sure they are complete and have the contributor’s name included. A stack of post-it-notes allows you to jot down names and info to be photographed with the recipe. When all recipes have been captured/copied take the remaining cookies and divide them up into containers to send home with the participants.

Prepare Your Order

Over the next month, your group can sort the recipes and choose if you want to enter them into a web account or submit them to be typed. After the recipes are prepped you can submit your order with plenty of time to have the books in hand to start selling as soon as late summer when people start looking ahead to the holiday season. Some groups include recipes from a variety of holidays and start selling in the spring!

A Tasty Fundraiser

To give the cookbooks sales a boost, have your group bake up their favorite batches and place individual treats in bags with labels that indicate the name of the recipe and the page it can be found on. Host a cookie/treat sale and have the cookbooks available. This doubled-up fundraiser will allow people to sample what types of recipes are in the book along with purchasing copies of it. Have as many of the contributors on hand as possible that day and offer “free autographs” to make the cookbook extra special as a keepsake with the bakers signing their name next to their favorite recipe.

Start Today

Contact us for a Free Guide. We are happy to answer any questions you have and access resources to make your cookbook project rewarding.