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Create a Groundhog Day Menu

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February 2nd Holiday

So maybe Groundhog Day isn’t the most popular holiday to plan a meal for. We also wouldn’t recommend recipes for actual groundhog, but February 2nd does give us the opportunity to have some creative fun in the kitchen.

This holiday is a great way to bring some creativity and education to the table. Start by learning about the humble groundhog.

A few facts about Groundhogs

A groundhog is also known as a woodchuck and are among the largest members of the squirrel family along with chipmunks and prairie dogs.  They can weigh up to 15 lbs. and live in North America.  Mostly they eat plants but also like to eat grubs, snails and insects.

Groundhogs are considered true hibernators and can lose up to half their weight while in hibernation. Typically, they hibernate starting in October and emerge from their winter burrows in February.

A Groundhog Buffet

Consider setting up a buffet fit for a groundhog or a family! Groundhogs love broccoli, celery, squash, corn, peas, carrots, cabbage and lettuce.  They are also a fan of fruits and can even climb up to get to apples, cherries, mulberries, hackberries and pears. Red berries and blackberries are also a favorite along with sunflowers. Some not so human friendly food favorites include flowers like marigolds, snapdragons, and asters.

Creating a buffet is a great way to learn about what groundhogs like to eat and from this list a healthy way to start a meal.

Having Fun with Food

This is your chance to try your hand at being a recipe creator. Creating a groundhog with food can be as easy as making a round pancake with two ears and then decorating with chocolate chip eyes, a chocolate candy nose and a couple of marshmallows for teeth.

You can make your own little groundhog’s day re-enactment by cutting a hotdog in half and decorating it to look like a groundhog popping out of a mound of mashed potatoes. Consider using ingredients like pretzel pieces for ears or black olive pieces for eyes and string cheese for teeth. Cut/trim your ingredients so you can stick them into the hotdog to make your own little groundhog.

Don’t forget dessert! Decorating cupcakes or cookies to look like a groundhog. Or use an oval/oblong cookie and use frosting to secure candies and marshmallows for features like eyes, ears, nose and teeth. Then nestle it in a dish of pudding to look like a little groundhog popping up to check on his shadow.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your creations and to write a recipe out so that you can recreate the fun next year!

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