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Fundraising with Cookbooks

Fundraising Cookbooks

Custom cookbooks are a time-honored way of raising funds for a variety of causes. If you are looking to raise money and need a fundraiser with a terrific success rate, check out our custom cookbook division.

Easy & Simple!

A cookbook project can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. Personal fundraising projects are easy for an individual to put together and then donate profits. For groups, this is perfect to get everyone involved. People who contribute recipes are likely to purchase multiple copies giving groups guaranteed upfront sales.


Fundraising cookbooks capture the flavor of the community the recipes are pulled from. This makes them a treasured keepsake by not only the community, but also those that visit or used to live there.


Many groups have found that creating cookbooks on an annual basis allows for not only repeat fundraising, but a treasured collection of cookbooks that people look forward to adding to. Creating new cookbooks over the years captures new and old recipes and can include new members of the group and honor those that have passed.

Backed with Customer Service

Creating a cookbook with Cookbook Specialists comes with a team ready to assist you. We pride ourselves not only in the quality of our books, but also the quality of our customer service. We are here to provide suggestions from recipe collection to marketing to sales ideas!

For more information on creating a custom cookbook for fundraising, contact us at or visit our website!