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Gifting Cookbooks

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Gifting Cookbooks makes the perfect gift and we have some great ideas to make it extra special. With a little DIY you will have a gift that keeps giving as it helps in the kitchen.

Check Out These Ideas on Cookbook Gifting!

So many great reasons to gift a cookbook!

  • With more people cooking at home, a cookbook gives them a resource to create new dishes for a great meal!
  • Purchasing a fundraising cookbook supports the community while providing local tastes.
  • Gifting a family or heirloom cookbook preserves memories and passes them on to the next generation.
  • Selecting a specialty cookbook to promote health or provide new cooking adventures.

Wrapping up a cookbook can be a creative and fun gift.

  • Wrap a cookbook up in a dish towel and tuck a utensil in the bow.
  • Seal up a cookbook in a cake pan or slow cooker.
  • Slip a cookbook in a gift bag along with a gift card for a local grocery store.
  • Make a cookbook the center item of a gift basket.

Personalized touches to make the cookbook you give unique.

  • Write little notes throughout the cookbook. These can be inspirational messages or fun memories for the cook to find as they use the cookbook.
  • Purchase 2 cookbooks. One to keep and one to give and then spend a free day making the same recipe as the person you gifted the second cookbook to. Spend time on video chat while cooking!
  • If the cookbook has a section of cookie recipes, gift the cookbook along with samples of some of the cookies labeled with their recipe name and page number they can be found on.

Whatever your reason for gifting a cookbook this holiday season, remember you could easily create your own custom cookbook to have ready for the next holiday! Contact us for a free guide or visit