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How to Propose a Cookbook Project to a Committee

So you think a cookbook would be the perfect project for your group or organization to raise funds or just to share a keepsake book of recipes. Here are some tips for proposing your idea to the group.

Request a copy of our FREE Cookbook Guide. This informative packet includes not only the guidebook but also a pricing sheet, order form and a sample cookbook that shows examples of our recipe design options.

List the benefits of a cookbook project. Here is a sample list and you may have other thoughts that are more applicable.

  • A group project that everyone can participate in by sharing recipes.
  • Raising funds with a keepsake item that will be treasured for years to come.
  • Providing the community with a cookbook of tried-and-true recipes.

Have a plan. Outline your plan from start to finish to give the group an idea of what is involved. The guidebook can be helpful, or you are welcome to call Cookbook Specialists, for help with ideas on what plan will work best for you.

Here is a sample plan.

  • How many recipes you would like the book to be and how many you would like each member to contribute.
  • Date you would like recipes submitted by, date you want order submitted to Cookbook Specialists and date that you expect the cookbooks in hand.
  • Selecting from the guidebook (or conversation with Cookbook Specialists) information on how recipes will be sorted and submitted.
  • Discussing the plan for selling the books.
  • Funding options. Check our guidebook for terms and conditions or our blog on Funding Fundraising Cookbooks for ideas that would work for your group.

Finally, be prepared to overcome objections. If someone has a question or concern that you don’t have the answer to, simply say, “I’m not sure, but I’ll check into it and will get an answer for you this week.” Then simply call us and we will discuss the question/concern so you can bring the answers back to your group.

Don’t hesitate to contact Cookbook Specialists, with questions. We have years of experience working with groups just like yours and we are happy to help.