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Holiday Submission Deadlines – Books by 12/21/2023

Holiday Submission Deadline Blog Image

There is nothing like a deadline to get a project done! We have deadlines to keep you on track for easy holiday shopping this year!

Submit your recipes for us to type by November 14th, 2023 


Submit your recipe web account by November 30th, 2023 

And you will have your book by December 21st, 2023!

(only available for PDF proof orders).

If you can’t make those deadlines call us for the availability of rush processing! If we have availability at press we can rush your order (rush order charges may apply.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Submissions: 

I haven’t started yet is it too late? As long as you keep your project a realistic size and get started right away you will have your book in time! If you are concerned, call or email us. Smaller books process faster so consider a cookbook with 60 to 150 recipes for a fast turn around.

What if my family holiday party is in early December? No worries! Consider gifting a book mark in a holiday card letting family and friends know their book will arrive at the holidays! This also works for belated orders submitted after the deadline!

Is it hard to put a cookbook together? Not at all! Set up a FREE/No Obligation web account on our site and enter a few recipe to see just how easy it is. You can check out our video on how easy it is Create a Cookbook Account. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions we are happy to help!

How many books do I have to order? Our normal minimum is 24 books, but check out our Keepsake Collection offer that is good until November 20th, which has a minimum of 12 books!

Can I use recipes from the cookbooks in my cupboard?  Individual recipes are not copyrightable, so using your favorite recipes and including any changes you use is fine.

Do people still use cookbooks? YES! Cookbooks are used by people of all ages and custom cookbooks created by a loved one or friend is a treasured source for recipes that they will keep for years to come.

Visit our website Cookbook Specialists