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Funding a Fundraiser

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Funding a Fundraiser

Starting a fundraiser typically requires some funds. A cookbook project has some easy funding options. From paying for the cost of the cookbook to incidentals and marketing supplies. A funding plan for the fundraiser is a must.


Pre-sales are the most common way to collect funds for a cookbook fundraiser. Collect orders for the cookbooks as you collect recipes from your group. People who submit recipes typically order a cookbook for themselves and often additional copies as gifts. Keeping track of pre-sales is the key. You can download an advanced sales coupon sheet to keep track or create your own. Groups find it helpful to collect names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails on index cards that can be stapled to plastic bags when the books come in.

Merchant Ads

Merchant ads are a great way to collect money for funding cookbooks. Selling ad space at the back of the book to businesses or group members is a way many people can help fund the book. In some cases, groups have collected more than was needed to fund the book and added to the profits. More information on selling merchant ads can be found on our blog Merchant Ads.


Similar to merchant ads, sponsors help by providing funding. They differ from merchant ads in that they fund either all or most of the book costs. Feature your sponsor on one of the covers or inside covers.


The perfect combination for a cookbook project is food. A bake sale of donated goodies with the promise of those recipes being in the cookbook. A potluck with a free will donation. Sell donated garden produce from group members. Fundraise while collecting recipes at the same time.


Crowdfunding is when a group receives small donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals. Online resources are available and a member of your group can set that up.  Also consider locally gathering donations from members and community members.


Some community members and larger corporations and businesses have available grants. Often times these grants are not commonly known so asking around is the best way to uncover these resources. Your local chamber of commerce or library may know of them or have suggestions of who to ask.


If you know of other funding resources for a cookbook project or found one that was successful for your group, let us know. We would love to share your story.

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