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A Sense of Community Through Recipe Collection

A recipe card with the note, A sense of community through recipe collection.

As our world faces a time of concern and many people are in isolation due to the COVID-19 virus, now the sharing of recipes may be a life line of hope. For groups, organizations and churches reaching out to isolated members and ensuring they have daily contact over the phone will help alleviate anxiety and offer some light into their day.

How to Propose a Cookbook Project to a Committee

How to Propose a Cookbook Project to a Committee Blog

Propose a Cookbook Project to your group. A cookbook is a perfect project to raise funds or to share a keepsake book of recipes. Here are some tips for proposing the idea to the group. Request a Guide Request a copy of our FREE Cookbook Guide or download it from our website. This informative packet includes not only the guidebook but also a pricing sheet, order form, and a sample cookbook. The order form is a great way to breakdown the parts of the cookbook to consider. The sample cookbook shows examples of our recipe design options. Passing this around